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Sci-Fi Fantasy RPG Forum with few storytelling limitations. This site has a self declared R rating for Language, Violence, Sexual Humor, Drug and Alcohol References, Violence, Big Breasted Women, and Violence. You have been warned.

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Legalish Nod

Since a certain organization has felt the need to gather all things relation to this topic under their robes, consider them acknowledged in case one of our authors makes a reference to a spell, item, or ability that they have laid claim to. Authors, feel free to make your own additional nods towards the Wicked Witches of the West if you feel the need. I personally got my start with their systems long before they had any claim to it. Many of my characters, adventures and story lines predate most of what is officially acceptable, but I doubt this will hinder their lawyers if I reference a sphere of flames that rhymes with "Liar Mall". Use your own judgement and I will back you as far as I can.

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To the Authors

Please, take the time to read what we offer here. Come back once in awhile to see if there is anything new. Our "Rules" are very simple and easy to follow. By Posting on Sixguns and Sorcery, you agree to abide by our restrictions and play nice.

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Admin Approved Soliciting

Listed here are sites, products, or groups the Admins approve of. If there is something you feel we should help promote, let us know so we can decide on it. Sixguns and Sorcery will frown upon the use of this forum to advertise other sites not listed here. The only exceptions, and they will be taken on a case by case basis, is using a website address to give credit in a post: Copyright notation. Visual aides for describing characters, weapons, armor and the like. Links to photos to describe locations. References-There is a reference section and we feel that there may be need to post links to various sites such as translators, name generators, dictionaries, and the like. The Admins will look at these links. We can and will edit them out of your posts if we feel they do not fit with what we allow.

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