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    Lonestar and How it Relates to the World

    Kieyotie McDermott
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    Lonestar and How it Relates to the World Empty Lonestar and How it Relates to the World

    Post  Kieyotie McDermott on Sat Mar 10, 2012 12:11 am

    Brief description of Lonestar

    Lonestar is a land where the weapons are based on both oriental and old west styles.
    Dinosaurs, mainly “Trikes”, roam the plains, herded by cowboys. Oriental style martial arts are taught as a the main fighting style. The people of the land are mostly elven horsemen, but all races live in varying degrees of harmony. Poverty is low, education and literacy high. Magic is common, all gods are accepted, and most people are multi-classed with several varying tradesman skills.

    All citizens are members of the reserve forces and are required to carry weapons. Non-citizens are treated well, but do not have many common rights, pay higher tax rates, and have no say in their local government. The nation flies the Lonestar flag and is a powerful force on land, sea and air. The rail yards are based here and span the continent.

    People mainly live in ranching communities that are much like city-states in themselves, but the three largest cities on the continent, and possibly the world, are in this nation. They fight the undead hordes in along their southern border, trade well with the Dragonborn of the deserts to the west, have many allies in the Dwarven realms to the northwest in the Rock mountains, have few problems with the goblinoids tribes of the northwest or the Minotaur held lands in the northeast. They control the Lonestar Sea and trade across it to the various isolationist kingdoms of the various races of Appalachia. Their Coast Guard keep the pirates of the Gulf Islands from bothering ships flying the Lonestar pennant as they trade along the entire continent, down into the jungles of the southern continent and across the great seas to far off lands.

    They have pretty good trade relations the Albenel Elves of the cold Northeast, even with magic hating America, the Island of New York, on past the Newfoundlish Swamps into the Islands of Fey to Quid and beyond.
    They sail around the Nightmare lands of the south to trade with Phoenixia, the Elven Coast on the other side of the Rock Mountains and up to the frozen wastes of the Northern Yukon Dwarven Clans and beyond.
    Their trade routes to the Goblinoid held Great Bear Swamps and the Human held lands of Southern Yukon are reached just as easily by the round-about sea lanes as overland by rail and caravan routes.
    They even have cordial relations with the terrifying and strange lands of the Karab’e Aens within the Triangle where the Dragons rule uncontested.
    Lonestar's Merchant Marines, Coastal Guardians, and Navy are the three largest fleets on the seas followed by the Phoenixian Armada and then the Corsairs of the Elven Coast.

    While Lonestar ships occasionally have disagreements on the open seas, its fleets mainly set sail to trade, protect trade from pirates or the undead menaces along the coasts of the Nightmare Lands, to explore the many wondrous lands across the seas and the many unique islands within them, and to rescue those in need they happen to come across.

    Backspace in general is a realm of great wonders and Lonestar is at the heart of it all.

    While no new Nations have come along in a great many centuries, some such as Lonestar have existed since before time remembered.
    Even though the borders of the various realms are pretty settled and stable, kingdoms rise and fall with regularity within the different lands. Even amongst the stable kingdom-like ranches of Lonestar there is much intrigue and some infighting between ranches over grazing and water rights, or other issues that come along whenever mortals live near each other.

    Despite the fact the most of the ranches are family owned and operated, the people of Lonestar tend to judge each other on personal merit, honor, loyalty, and other such traits than their family name.
    Many people have been born to bandits that have done great good for the nation, and more than one child of an honorable family of good reputation has created great strife. Strangers of all races are greeted with friendly caution and the people of the realm have no qualms about helping a neighbor in need or banding together against a common threat. They tend to be a traveled people, serving as State Troopers, on the various naval fleets, or even in the Air Command when young and continuing to travel in their later years to stay connected to old friends and business acquaintances.

    As a primarily Elven nation they use their long years to promote stability and betterment of their nation, extending those values to other kingdoms and clans who want it.

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