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    Isle of Dr. Cervonius

    Kieyotie McDermott
    Kieyotie McDermott

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    Isle of Dr. Cervonius Empty Isle of Dr. Cervonius

    Post  Kieyotie McDermott on Tue Dec 10, 2013 3:17 pm

    Live or Die- The Choice is Yours.

    I want to run a dungeon crawl, of sorts, and am inviting you to join in.

    I will post a character sheet for anyone participating to fill out and PM me. Please DO NOT post it on the topic as your skills, abilities, and items will be for your knowledge and my approval only.

    Please use new characters as you are going to be gravely injured and will most likely die. If you want a crew, that is fine, but you will need to run them and create individual sheets for me. (No more than 6 to a crew. The more you have, the more you have to lose.)

    If needed, I will include a post of allowed items, gear, and abilities for you to choose from, then I will read your background (included with PC sheet) and edit as needed for this game.

    Before you get started, please keep in mind that you WILL die in this game. However, that does not mean an end to your character... at least not at first.

    {ALSO: The events of this game are NOT common knowledge for the other story lines. In any format like this there is a problem with what is called Player Knowledge and Character Knowledge getting intermingled. Some of the background to this game will affect other areas of play and other stories and are NOT common knowledge (or even secret knowledge) to any other characters in other stories.}

    Character Background
    How you got here.

    For this game, all that you know as a player is Your Character/ Crew has been:
    (Your choice as part of your background):

    Approached because of their skills in smuggling, piracy, military battles, etc. and offered a chance at 500k credits to participate in a training exercise. They inform you this will be a live fire exercise but you are allowed to prepare your selves within certain limits. The exercise is an infiltration job. Getting to a secret base. Entering the base. Obtaining a package. And getting back out with the package intact. In this you are neither good or bad people, just very skilled. You can play this out to be a hero or a villain.

    Kidnapped for your skills. You are told that in order to regain your freedom you must get to a secret base. Enter the base. Obtain a package. And get back out with the package intact. If you want to run a crew in this background, one of your valued crew members is also being held ransom to make sure you don’t try to escape or double cross your captors. In this you are a good person. You are skilled, but have angered someone with your positive actions and are fighting for survival.

    Grabbed because of a debt you owe. The kind of debt where they only kill you after breaking every joint in your body, setting your grandma on fire, and make you watch your mother and children get eaten by raptors. You (and your crew) are BAD people. But this will be your chance to redeem yourself and live to fly another day. The goals are the same, however, you are encouraged to kill anyone else you meet in the most gruesome fashion possible. You are not only to retrieve your package, you are to make sure no one else does either.

    You can create another reason for being here on the island, but the groups above will also be there trying to meet their goals.

    {AGAIN: The Characters do not know there are other teams (unless you are in the 3rd scenario) on the island. You will have to work hard to play each encounter with others as you would if you had no idea who they were or what their goals were. Just because you know Group 3 has set up an ambush, does not mean you get to avoid it as you head towards them for no apparent reason. This is a role playing challenge as much as a story telling game. I will be moderating the game and if need be will run certain set ups through PM if need be. Everything in this adventure should be a surprise, good or bad.}

    When you choose how you plan to enter the game, I will PM you with your introduction details.


    The following are Player Knowledge to help you develop your character and be a little better prepared for this game:

    You will be placed on an Island. You do not know what planet it is on, how close civilization may be or if there is any at all on this world. All environmental conditions are Earth Norm.

    You will have an implant attached to you that will transmit your location, offer video/ audio of your actions, and monitor various aspects of your health. Attempts to remove this implant will be fatal as it is tied into your core systems.

    Your Character/ Crew will be implanted with bio-medical nanites that will heal all wounds. Even dismembered pieces can be reattached or will very slowly grow back.
    The only way to be killed is to be eaten. Acid kills the nanites. The easiest way to die will be to have the heart or brain removed and eaten as these are the main control centers for the nanites and they will quit transmitting the repair signal if these two organs are destroyed. Otherwise, even being shot in the head or stabbed in the heart is not a final death blow.

    The base you are to infiltrate is on a remote island. The upper levels of the base were once an ancient temple to the tribe of cannibals still living there. (Yes, cannibals.) And, of course, there is an active volcano on the island.

    In addition to the comical horror of cannibals and volcanoes, the island has a full compliment of biological monsters, technological nightmares, and traps unlike anything you’ve seen before. It is a top secret military base after all.

    The only bit of good news they offer is that you are not the first Person/ Group to try to experience the island. As such, there may be dropped weapons and gear, or even bodies with supplies, laying about for you to scavenge. (For the kidnapped victim, this is presented as the likely hood of failure and killing not only themselves, but their ransom.)

    As an added bonus, you can use someone else’s implant, once removed from their body, to open various weapon/ supply lockers hidden about the island and base. (This detail is only told to the groups 1 and 3 as the kidnapped victim is under the impression that he is fighting for his life and the life of his ransom.)


    The biggest problem for every group is decided whether or not the people who put you here are going to live up to their promises. Are you going to actually get 500k if you live? Are they going to let you and your ransom go? Is your debt really cleared? Are there really little robot bugs in you that will keep you alive? What is the package and why can’t these people who did this to you just get it themselves?


    When creating your Character/ Crew, I want you to be creative. You are the best at what you do, which is why you are here. Your abilities, weapons, and skills have to be realistic, but I love a good background story. If you can explain the why, I will probably allow it!

    You are the reason I cuss so much!
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    Kieyotie McDermott
    Kieyotie McDermott

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    Isle of Dr. Cervonius Empty Character Information

    Post  Kieyotie McDermott on Tue Dec 10, 2013 3:24 pm

    ****DO NOT POST THIS TO GENERAL FORUM. Please send your copy of this to my PM inbox. This will allow your abilities to stay yours depending on which introduction you are going with in the various stories. Thak you.

    Character Sheet



    What you look like: physical desc, weapons seen, clothing type worn, etc.
    Attributes / Physical abilities 1-20, 10 is average human
    A/S/Race, homeworld, ship
    Job, career, current position, Civillian/ Military, Social Status (if any)
    Personality, Alignment, disposition, racial hostilities/ bias/ prejudices
    Affiliation: Contact/ enemies, back up, hideout, etc.

    Movement: walk, run- standard, loaded.
    Injuries: Stunned, wounded, fatigued, mortal

    (Ideas to help)

    Birthplace, family, major life events, schooling, training, career
    Childhood: Backwoods, blue collar, orphan, farm, fugitive, nobility, street, white collar, military brat, merc brat, spacer, station rat,
    Preteen years: SAA plus- Schooling, apprenticeship, preacadamy
    Teen years: SAA plus- Military acad, prep school, Mercinary Brat, public school, criminal organization
    Higher Education: SAA plus- Military Acad, enlisted, college, police acad, Tech/ trade school
    Adult: Same as above plus- covert ops, free trader, military, law enforcement, government

    Traits and Skills:

    Advantages/ Disadvantages (1 dis for every 2 adv)
    Skills: Learned, trained
    Unarmed combat
    Fears, mentals, crazy, addiction- If you have cybernetics in your brain or PSI abilities, you have some sort of mental illness. It does not have to be terrible, but it is worse the more powerful your abilities are.


    Money- on hand, in bank, hidden, cash/credsticks.
    Ships/ vehicles
    Weapons and Armor
    Stored- In pack, in bunk, on ship, in base, where

    Specialty gear:

    Bionics, Cybergear, implants, enhancements, psi- Many of these can, will, and do cause physical pain to you when used. Implants itch or burn. Cybernetics cause muscle or nerve pain. Bionics leave a dull ache when overworked. So on and so forth. Enhancements come at a price.
    {Every good add-on comes with a drawback}

    Special Note:

    Due to the format of this system, you can see that a true 'Character Sheet' is not needed. Quite a bit of information will be revealed during game play. I am just looking for information so I can challenge you and get an idea of who you are playing.

    You are the reason I cuss so much!
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    Teddy Baer
    Teddy Baer

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    Isle of Dr. Cervonius Empty Fucktard

    Post  Teddy Baer on Tue Dec 10, 2013 11:48 pm

    You are one. You crappy site works. I might play just to screw up your game, kill everyone, and then pee in your butt.
    We'll see. Take care and try not to die. queen <----- This is you.
    Teddy Baer
    Teddy Baer

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    Isle of Dr. Cervonius Empty Re: Isle of Dr. Cervonius

    Post  Teddy Baer on Thu Dec 12, 2013 1:23 am

    {OCC: You talked me into it.}

    Amaya Cervonius

    They were arguing again. It seemed like that was all they did anymore. It was so hard not to. She really did love, care for, and miss her father. Unfortunately she could only see the negative side of what he was doing. She saw the people he worked with and what they did with his tech. She saw the wars fought, the secret dealings, and the criminals that misused everything he gave them. It did not matter that he did 100 times the good to make up for it. None of it was worth it to her if a single person got hurt.
    Gregorian just wanted her to understand that the bad came with it and for her to help him minimize that. He wanted her help. Needed it. That is why she was one of the very few people who knew everything. Had access to everything. He valued her true heart and inherent goodness more than anything his other advisors had to offer. Unfortunately all she could do was condemn him without offering a better way. She simply wanted him to stop. Stop hurting people. Stop using criminals to make things happen. To stop anything she did not approve of. Despite his teachings, or possibly because of them, she was blind to how business and corporations as large as his operated in the systems they were forced into. She did not see that killing one corrupt Senator would keep him from sending troops into a battle ground where thousands would die. She saw the murder. She did not see that testing a new drug on inmates condemned to death allowed entire planets to become free of crippling diseases. She saw that they infected the inmates in the first place. Not everything he did was right and good, but it was for a good cause.

    “But, daughter, you do not understand. I am trying to help these people. I have seen what they will have to face and they are wholly unprepared for it.”
    “I see you the same as the ‘Verse out there does, as a monster.”
    “Please do not say these things. I know things do not always turn out well and people get hurt. This is why I use the worst of humanity for my testing, or volunteers who are looking to actually help. I try to test on prisoners. I try to make sure the good things we make go to those with injuries so they can rejoin the world better. I do not enjoy seeing people suffer when things go wrong. You may not believe me, but I hate seeing the nanites malfunction and tear people apart from the inside out. I am honestly trying to prevent these things. I can only use the tools I have….”
    “You’ve always told me that it is a poor man that blames his tools, Father.”
    “I am not blaming them, but until I can create the proper tools, I must use what I have. A caveman cannot create a functioning star-cruiser with sticks and stones.”
    “The pharaohs built pyramids to the gods with not much more, Father.”
    “Yes, with slaves and great loss of life. These are the things I try to minimize.”
    “Well you are doing a poor job of it.”
    “I understand that. I want you to know that everything I do is with good intentions as an end result.”
    “Father, the pathway to Hell is paved with good intentions. And we both know there is a seat by the fire for you.”
    “This may be true, Child, but I do not believe this is so. Someday you will understand. I am so very happy that you are such a good person despite who I am and what I have done. I just wish you could see past what you consider to be my evil deeds and help me do more good.”
    “Father, I simply wish someone will find a way to kill you and end your evil.”

    These were the last words she said to him. She had terminated the secure link, blocking any more calls from him and went back to work.


    If she had only tried harder to listen. She did not agree with the way her father did things, but she knew he was entirely wrong either. Since her father’s official death and disappearance, she was forced to open her eyes to the ‘Verse around her and the people in it.

    Now she sat under the canopy of leaves watching the shuttle heading back into the sky. She had volunteered herself for this to prove she was able to step into her father’s vacant duties.
    His top associates had no respect for her and refused to recognize her abilities to run things. Apparently years of letting them know what she thought of their activities had sunk in.
    She had been brave enough to offer herself up for a Game to prove herself. To show them she had, as her father would say, “woken up to reality”. She just hoped her plans did not get her killed.
    Luckily, she was not stupid and had the very best of her father’s resources at her disposal. She had access to thing no one knew about and had taken every day since her father’s death to prepare. She had not always agreed with the man, but she listened to his advice on personal safety had had spent much of her free time training herself and her mind. At the time she feared being attacked or kidnapped by someone wanting to hurt him. She had also prepared herself to be able to possible upsurp him and take things over at some point. Now she had to play the part to get what she wanted. She hoped she had prepared well enough.

    When the shuttle was out of sight, she double checked her gear and headed deeper into the jungle a few feet and into a tree. She needed somewhere to wait. She secured her things and moved to a position where she could watch the trail she had left after leaving the shuttle. She knew she was not alone here and that they would be coming for her. The collar hung heavy one her neck and the tracker at the base of her skull seemed to throb with her heartbeat. Those things would have their place and time. For now she waited.

    {OCC: Prepare your butt!}
    Kieyotie McDermott
    Kieyotie McDermott

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    Isle of Dr. Cervonius Empty Re: Isle of Dr. Cervonius

    Post  Kieyotie McDermott on Sun Jan 05, 2014 6:38 pm

    Vlad watched the girl climb into the tree. He watched her wait with an eye on the false trail she had laid. He watched her as he had since the shuttle landed and she had stepped out of it.
    He had known two days ago when and where she would touch down. He figured others knew as well, since he had already one across one that was here to kill this upstart, too.
    The poor princess from the Crystalyne Palace wanted to run things now. Even Vlad knew that couldn’t happen. The pretty little princess must die. As he pulled another bite from the forearm of the other tracker, Vlad hoped that she tasted as good as she looked.


    Above both Vlad and the girl, laying on a delicate interweaving of branches, another set of eyes watched the scene. Puyal’yup’s fur had changed shades to better blend with the canopy above. Her tail was wrapped around the thicker trunk of the tree and she used a claw to peel the skin off the Bunyip fruit she was eating.
    Vlad disgusted her. She had admired the way he had hunted and tricked the other tracker, but what he had done after, with the corpse… Well people like him were why her sponsor had sent her here. Puyal’yup’s sponsor had not yet told her whether the heir was to live or die, but the girl was to last as long as possible until that decision was made.
    For now, she watched the players below her as two more came into the play.


    “She should be here. You can still see the Jump Star from the shuttle. The Boss said she’s just some do-gooder college kid from the city. She shouldn’t be hard to find.”
    “Probably trying to hide out somewhere. It would be nice to get this done and get back to camp. I don’t like this island. Too much weird shit moving around out here.”
    “You know how I feel about it. Boss said there were several others out here after this slag, too, so keep your eyes open.”
    The Karmonov brothers continued to talk as they worked their way through the jungle to the beach. Each had a light pack and heavy weapons. Grigor, the elder brother kept a watch all around while Vigtor used a laser-edge machete to continue carving a path. They were not being quiet or careful.
    They passed within ten feet of Vlad without seeing the small man leaning against a tree. They passed under Amaya and Puyal’yup without looking up. But they started paying attention whenVigtor swung his le-machete into the slow-moving backside of a tintanium porcupine.
    The small creature let loose a piercing wail as it launched two dozen spikes at its attackers.

    This poor creature was about the size of a medium sized hog. It is slow moving and half-blind, much like it’s native brethren. These creatures, however, had been genetically modified to provide a food source for the Finnelli’s Moon settlers, but still have defenses against the native wild cats on that moon.

    Vigtor took the brunt of the retaliation, but Grigor had stepped around with his rifle when the creature wailed, catching several of the hollow metallic spikes in his face and upper body.
    The spikes were bad enough to make both men scream out, as they are much like a hollowed out knitting needle. Unfortunately, part of the porcupine’s enhanced defense is a neurotoxin that burns like fire as it shuts down your nervous system, putting the attacker to sleep as they slowly loose body functions. The toxin is not deadly, as no one wanted the settlers to die from accidental spiking, but it will put you out rather quickly and painfully. Many settler-farmers came out to their pens in the morning to find the Finnelli Cats sleeping off the poison. Even with pin holes, a Finnelli Cat makes a rather nice rug or jacket lining.

    After seeing what he’d done and getting spiked, Vigtor pulled the machete out of the smaller animal and swung a screaming arc, burying the blade in his brother’s thigh before falling to the ground to scream and writhe.
    Grigor was already going down, too, but his curses were aimed at his brother.
    Within moments the porcupine was limp-waddling away and both brothers were out, twitching in the dense jungle under brush.


    Before Amaya could start to crawl down from her hiding place, a new sound caught her attention. Something was moving towards her area very quickly.


    Vlad heard the same movement and looked around. The sound was coming from all directions, but whatever it was did not sound large and was moving at ground level. He tossed aside the arm and ducked behind the tree he was leaning against and quickly found a larger one to climb.

    He got about ten feet off the ground and drew a small vibro-blade and watched as two creatures darted past. The moved almost too quickly to see, but they were silver rats. Large rats that would have been home in any core world sewage system. One diverted and snatched up the arm he’d tossed aside without slowing.

    He watched as six or eight of the creatures circled into the area where the two trackers had went down. The rats were very quick, almost a blur as they circled and then darted in, taking nips out of the body, testing to see if their meal was safe.

    Off in the distance the porcupine creature squeeled again, then over and over until it went quiet in a fit of thrashing.

    Vlad had been warned that not much on this island was what it seemed and that all of the creatures here had been genetically augmented in some way for some purpose.

    The rats quickly realized that the two warm bodies were not going to fight them off and they began feasting, starting with the soft bits and internal organs that were easiest to eat.

    You are the reason I cuss so much!
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    Teddy Baer
    Teddy Baer

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    Post  Teddy Baer on Sun Jan 05, 2014 9:14 pm

    Quicksilver Rats. Amaya had read up on the various things she should expect on the Island. The rats were not the worst things she would encounter, but were not the nicest either. Not that ‘Nice’ wouldn’t get you killed, too.

    She settled into the tree using a lanyard to quickly weave a hammock between the branches so she rest until the rats had moved on without worry of falling out of the tree.
    She had seen someone gaining higher ground off to her left and knew that she was being watched. She wasn’t surprised. She was giving her rivals the best chance to kill her they would ever get. She knew how things were supposed to work in a game, but she also knew that the rules would not matter this time. While she was not completely on her own, she might as well be. And if she had judged her allies on the outside wrong, she was worse than alone.

    She took the time to double check her pack then pulled out a device she was sure no one in previous games had been able to use. It was a range finding binocular system that allowed UV and IR readings, but also picked up the tracking devices implanted in the players.
    She had been correct about the man in the tree. The binos gave her a chip code she should be able to input into her palmtop to see who she was up against there. Most of the other players were scattered about, but there was one she had a hard time finding- it kept reading at her location- until she looked up and saw the woven branches and a strange creature laying nearly a hundred feet above her in the highest tree branches.
    Amaya realized that she very well may have over-estimated her survivability chances as she watched the cat-like creature stare her down a moment then leap a series of thirty foot jumps through the tree tops down to the ground a hundred yards away without hardly stirring a leaf.

    The rats were nearly done below and Amaya was trying to decide how much longer to wait to see if there was anything worth salvaging from the bloody mess. She had everything she thought she would need, but so did other players and she might find something she had not thought of. She had started untying her lanyard when one of the last rats jumped with a hiss and an audible ‘click’ sounded from below.
    Amaya immediately hugged the tree and an explosion rocked the jungle. The tree she was in had nearly six feet of its trunk turned to tooth picks. The vines and branches were so crowded that the tree slowly fell, but fall it did, as did all the others in the area as gravity took over. There was a large crater where the bodies had been and every tree in about 50 feet was starting to crash into those around them. Amaya, just held tight and tried not to lose her as the trees crashed over and tangled in each other.
    She watched where she was headed and pulled her legs out of the way. She did not want to get crushed or stabbed by a broken branch. It was a rough landing, but she was able to crawl down and head out of the area at ground level. The jungle had been silenced and now the birds and beasts started calling out again. Until it was silent, you did not realize how noisy such a place was. She could also hear predators moving closer. She would need to hurry. It was early in the day, but she had not found food, water, or shelter. She checked her gear, and her weapon then started moving.

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