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    A New Arrival

    Eliar Meine
    Eliar Meine

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    A New Arrival Empty A New Arrival

    Post  Eliar Meine on Wed Dec 11, 2013 10:50 am

    The sea air was fierce as the ship pulled into port though once passed the breaker of the harbour the wind died down and the frigate eased into her docking birth. Calls for rope and commands from the captain made for an easy transition as Eliar rose from his cabin and proceeded to the top deck.

    He pulled the sling bag from its resting place by the stairs and ascended into the bright light of morning. It took a moment for his emerald eyes to adjust to the suns rays as he maneuvered around crew men doing their tasks without heed to those around them. He walked up to the bridge and offered his hand to the captain.

    "Thank you for the swift voyage" he said with a deep baritone, "A compliment to your crew and excellent navigator"

    The captain shook his hand with a pleasant smile. "Master Meine, I do hope to see you again when fate does draw us back together"

    "Only when the seas call to me Captain. Good day"

    Eliar was a broad man dressed in sectional plate armour that covered his chest, arms and legs. A decorative belt-spat swayed with each stride of his legs as he ventured down the boarding ramp to solid ground.

    It took him a few minutes to gain his balance after being on a boat for 2 months and when the feeling of movement faded he turned his attention to the busy world around him. Traders and fishermen hollering for sales and products, kids playing amongst the crates and a few peddlers against the walls asking for spare coin.

    It was a living town and one he was excited to begin his journey. From a small clan on the isle of Karim he wanted to explore the new world and to find out more about what happened on the main land.

    His first objective was to find a guide and with a small pouch of gold and precious gems he was sure he didn't have far to look.
    Kieyotie McDermott
    Kieyotie McDermott

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    A New Arrival Empty Re: A New Arrival

    Post  Kieyotie McDermott on Wed Dec 11, 2013 12:12 pm

    The large man getting off the ship had obviously been at sea awhile and was not from the anywhere near the area from the cut of his clothes and the style of his armor.
    The little girl-child walked up to him crying.  She was either Elven or a mix of fey in a ragged dress with a dirty, tear-streaked face.
    She walked up and tugged on his belt, "Mister, I need help.  My mommy won't wake up.  No one will help me and I can't get her to wake up.  Please help me mister."
    She points to a narrow alley between the warehouses, "We live in a box in thee where its warmer, but she won't wake up!  I don't know what to do and no one will help me."  She continues to cry, gently pulling the new comer towards the alley.

    "I wouldn't follow her, if I were you, Stranger."  The voice came from a ragged-looking old sailor sitting on a crate smoking a pipe.  "She's not what you think she is and will probably gut you ten steps in."

    The little girl hissed, showing sharpened teeth and pulled a rather sharp knife from the ragged doll she was carrying, its head was the hilt.  "I'll find and stab out your eyes in your sleep, Old Man!" the girl growled.  She used the knife to slash at the Stranger's belt, running off with one of his pouches.

    The sailor stood and pointed towards the biggest building in sight.  "That's the Port Authority.  If you lost anything important, they will make note and add it to the lists that circulate through the shops around here.  You'll have to buy your items back, but you might get them back."  The old sailor stretched, "If you'd like a cup of coffee, they have a shop in there that is not too bad.  I'm not sure where you are from, maybe one of the Karim Islands?, but this city is not like anything you know.  Keep your eyes open and trust no one."  He winked, "Not even me."  The sailor patted him on the shoulder and walked off disappearing into the hustling crowd.  When Eliar checks, he will find he is missing yet another pouch.

    You are the reason I cuss so much!
    Teddy Baer
    Teddy Baer

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    A New Arrival Empty Re: A New Arrival

    Post  Teddy Baer on Thu Dec 12, 2013 1:58 am

    Graff and Podling got themselves another newbie. Arielas smiled watching the young man looking half-lost and unhappy.
    She walked over and goosed him, "Hey! You trying to lose everything you own before you get out of sight of the ship?" She handed him his coin purse. "Put that away somewhere safe."
    She walked around in front of him, looking him over. "You're kinda pretty. I wonder how long it will take one of these ruffians to mark your face?"
    She was also quite pretty. The scar that disfigured her cheek actually seemed to enhance her good looks. She was smaller, as most elven women are, with silvery-blonde hair and violet eyes. She wore skin tight leathers under loose fitting dock worker's clothes. Her hair was tied up under a low-brimmed cap and none of her weapons could be seen. Her hands were slender and quick, but scarred.
    "You need to take Graff's advice. Go get a cup of coffee at the Port. I'll meet you there." She smacked his ass as she circled around him again, "Try not to get yourself killed in the next half-hour and you might make some friends."
    She blended into the crowd, but stayed where she could keep an eye on him. She had managed to mark him as her own in several ways. If he was careful and did not do anything too stupid, he'd be okay.
    She grabbed Scaff, one of the many urchins running about searching the docks for loose crates, torn sacks, and spilled goods... creating them if need be... to find items to barter, sell, or use.
    "Go find Graff and Podling. 485 or else. Hurry, boy and maybe you'll get fed tonight!"
    The lad ran off and she went back to pacing the newcomer. She needed someone new to the city and hoped that this one would be willing to co-operate.
    Eliar Meine
    Eliar Meine

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    Post  Eliar Meine on Fri Dec 13, 2013 8:11 pm

    Of course his first reaction was to help the little girl. It didn’t matter what species she was to him. She was a child and when confronted by such a situation he took on a maternal instinct. It was his heritage being from a culture that fought in wars and many children ended up becoming orphans from battle. He remembered himself as a young child from a village that had been attacked by outsiders and survived on his own for 4 months amidst the wreckage and death more in a daze than actively living. It was then his adoptive father came along and took him in. Tonin Meine and while Eliar could barely remember his last name, his first wasn’t his either.

    In our culture when one begins anew we shed everything of what we were to become something greater” Tonin said to him on their first evening together. It had been after a long trek and Eliar was too tired to argue much.

    My name is Venkit” he recalled yelling back in utter exhaustion.

    Now Eliar, that was your old name. You’ll come to like your new name. It’s a strong name for a strong warrior who chased nightmares away

    Is that what I am?” he asked.

    Without a doubt” Tonin said with an affectionate hair tussle.

    In the morning Eliar awoke and realized he wasn’t the same as he was when he went to bed. The world looked clearer and more vibrant. The sun told him it was a new day to begin and to work hard.

    Eliar shook off the shock of the recollection and focused on the present. The little thief had stolen one pouch of dried rations but he could let it go. While the loss of the pouch wasn’t a tragic blow he had been saving those rations for a special occasion. Upon hearing the words of the sailor he felt his belt get just a little bit lighter from the walk around. He grew angry and made a sweeping blow that would have knocked the old man out if he was where his arm was. Adrenaline could turn an old man into the fastest child but before he could give chase a woman of beauty approached him and startled him. Another pouch was gone but thankfully she handed it back.

    Her words cut into his naive nature and he blushed with shame for a moment. “I’m not used to port cities. The biggest I travelled to were on islands in the Karim chain and they didn’t have such an...interesting approach to newcomers”

    He tied the pouch back into his belt and did a quick check on his other belongings. His bag was still clear of damage and his pant pockets weren’t empty. A sign of a change in luck perhaps but he would have to keep on his guard.

    “The Port? Uh Ok, I will meet you there then” he said. He found it strange a beauty of hers even with the scar would approach him and speak with him then offer him advice.

    He moved away from her and looked to the smaller shops on his walk through the market towards the Port Authority. He stopped by one and purchased a cloak to cover his armour and give him a more commoner look rather than the figure he presented. The seller was clearly overcharging him but he had been taught to live with little and so he was grateful when he had a lot. He didn’t need to barter and while the cloak wasn’t the finest made, it did dull his outward appearance.

    He walked back onto the street and was appreciative that the looks he was getting before vanished from more than he expected. He purchased some more food and declined the offer of a ring for special occasions. Eliar arrived at the Port and stepped through the doors to an even busier environment. Tables were covered in food, coffee and sleeves as people wolfed down their meals while authorities were dealing with disputes at the other side of the building. Eliar tried to blend in as he approached the bar top and looked to the keeper.

    “Coffee please” he asked.

    The bartender looked him over and pulled a mug from underneath and poured from a pot. The aroma was strong and pushed away the early morning fog from Eliar’s mind as he smiled with appreciation.

    “Thank you”

    He turned as he took a sip and winched as he nearly burnt his tongue. He sucked in air through pursed lips and swallowed the hot liquid against his better judgement and felt it burn all the way down into his stomach. It did take the cold out of him, but his tongue had to suffer for it. He waited a few minutes before he took another sip and found it more pleasing. He kept an eye out for the lady with the scar and wondered if she was just playing him as well.
    Teddy Baer
    Teddy Baer

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    Post  Teddy Baer on Sun Dec 15, 2013 7:11 pm

    Arielas waited until the newcomer started to look frustrated and about ready to leave before sending the Tender over with a message.

    "Sir," The Tender said, setting down another cup of coffee, " The lady says that if you are interested in work, to meet her in the third meeting room." He pointed to the bat wing doors to the side of the main cafe. She also said that if you want some food to order and I'll send it back. We have sandwiches, stuffed rolls, and meat pies."

    When Eliar goes back he steps through a heavy curtain and sees both the little girl and the sailor that had already robbed him once.

    As he stands in mild shock in the doorway, the scar-faced woman bumps him out of the way as she comes in eating a stuffed roll.
    "Come on in and join us," She said tossing another roll to the child, "I'm hoping we can work together. Your street skills are not the best, but I think that can be an advantage to us. If you are willing to discuss a job, a partnership of sorts, then relax, eat, and don't relax."
    She sits and props her feet up on the table. Her shoes are soft soled and look to be silk wrapped around her feet and up over her calves. The black footwear looks odd to him. She has changed clothing since he last saw her and now wears tight fitting layers of black silk. She carries several weapons that are small and compact despite looking quite plain, are obviously very well made and cared for. There is very little about her to draw they eye for even her beauty is overlooked when most see her scar.
    As she waits for him to sit, she shakes her hair down, finger brushing it as she makes a motion to the others.

    Each of them sets the pouch they took from Eliar back on the table. "All of it," the woman says and the girl sets a wrapped package of what she had taken from the bag on the table. "Good. Now go out and get some food, but hurry back. Get anything Graff wants, too. But don't dawdle, we still have work to do today."

    The little girl hurries out, growling at Eliar through her smile. When she passes, she whispers, "I bite!"

    Graff continues to sit quietly and watch. He had simply shook his head when offered food. He was still smoking his pipe, but was now dressed as a mid-level merchant wearing wire rimmed eye lenses. His hair and beard had been waxed and he smelled much better.

    "Well?" the woman asked, "Are you going to sit and talk or keep standing there holding the floor in place?"
    Eliar Meine
    Eliar Meine

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    A New Arrival Empty Re: A New Arrival

    Post  Eliar Meine on Mon Dec 16, 2013 1:09 pm

    Eliar was near the limit of his patience when he was approached and told to meet in the third room. With coffee in hand he moved through the crowd of people who paid little attention to him and when he pushed through the curtain to behold the sight. He had to process the information before him in less time than he wanted. While he could become hot tempered and lash out he tried to maintain control over his emotions. It was a scene from a story of his village where the idiot was toyed with before he eventually broke down and then killed everyone. The message was to be kind to even the most foolish of people for one day the tables may be turned. This town was certainly living up to the book. His head started to hurt.

    They wanted to work with him? Or make him work for them more likely. The return of his goods to the table was gratifying and put his tension off for the time as he stepped further into the room.

    He kept his features composed as the little one passed by him. “I bite” she said but he leaned down close to her just as quickly and gripped her arm tightly. The cup of coffee crashed to the ground and shattered spilling liquid everywhere. The headache bloomed and his eyes changed, the emerald green speckled now with traces of silver when a sinister voice not of his own came from his lips. “It only takes one hand to snap your neck and leave you for the rats little one. Don't forget that” and he let go.

    When she had left the silver faded and Eliar rubbed his head as if to scratch out an itch that was bothering him. He tried to play off what had happened with a shrug but knew he had lost control. It was getting harder and harder for him as the years wore on. It was from the wars he had fought in and the training he had received. When fighting wars one would have to switch minds so to say to keep from going crazy. Eliar had gone to the extreme and had a split personality. His common side was gentle; intelligent and caring. His other side was brutal; reaction and vengeance. The headaches were a warning his other side wanted to come out but through his meditation he had learned to keep the beast at bay though when he was strung out and tired the other would break free.

    He sat down with an apologetic look on his face. “Sorry, it's been a long morning ”

    Whether it had been or not he was ashamed at his killer mind had taken hold of him, and worse towards a little girl who probably had to struggle to survive. He shook his head to clear that thought. No, if a girl had to struggle to survive she wouldn't enjoy what she did so much. It didn't bode well for wanting to work with this woman and man but if he was going to continue his journey he needed contacts and allies.

    “You mentioned a partnership of sorts. Aside from stealing from people fresh off boats and then trying to induct them into your organization what are you looking for in me? You don't know me, don't know my past and certainly judge me on what has happened in the last two hours”

    His temper had risen again, the other was whispering to come out and he leaned back and took a breath. He cleansed his mind of what happened earlier and focused on what was in front of him at that moment.

    “I'm a killer. I've murdered, assassinated and burned my way through wars and contracts. I came here to find a better way of life. Are you willing to give me that? Or will you be just another contract and payday?”
    Teddy Baer
    Teddy Baer

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    Post  Teddy Baer on Fri Dec 20, 2013 4:02 am

    Arielas smiled and waved Eliar to a chair, "You are absolutely right, I don't know you. And you do not know this city. These two things are what I need. The fact that you are not used to.... How do these locals say it Graff?"

    "The Street Life," the older man replied.

    "Yes, 'The Street Life'. Idiots." She turned back to Eliar, "The point is, you were lucky you were not robbed much more thoroughly. I need your look more than anything. You LOOK like a foreigner...
    {Hot blooded, every night
    Hot blooded, you're looking so tight
    Hot blooded, now you're driving me wild
    Hot blooded, I'm so hot for you, child
    Hot blooded, I'm a little bit high
    Hot blooded, you're a little bit shy
    Hot blooded, you're making me sing
    Hot blooded, for your sweet sweet thing}
    ..... You ACT like a foreigner. and since you came here instead of going somewhere for help, you must not have any friends here."
    She looked him over. "I'm sure you are amazing and impressive and get all the best sheep and chubby farm girls in where ever you hail from, but Podling can say the same and she still washes our clothes."
    The woman's voice steadily took on a harsh tone, gaining an undercurrent of hate and rage as she spoke. Then she sighed, "Sorry. It has been a rough morning here, too."

    Podling had come in about the time her name was mentioned. She set her food on the table, slid a plate to Graff and set Eliar's sword on the table in front of him. Have you stabbed many little girls with your pretty blade, or do you just snap their necks?” She set her doll on the table, its bladed head was back in place.

    “Try not to annoy him, Little One,” Graf said, “It’s not nice to tease.”

    Ignoring them, Arielas continued, “As far as a job offer, I do have one. I need to kill a dragon. But more than that- I need to make a point. It does not matter who you think you are in this city, you don’t fuck with my people. This clown has failed to learn the lesson and I wish to make an example of her.”

    Graff leaned over and listened, “Don’t let her fool you. The dragoness simply stole a pair of shoes the boss here wanted and upstaged her at a party. You know how women are about their shoes.”

    “Hardy har har, Old Man. Isn’t it time for your potion if you plan to be servicing the local wenches tonight? Get out of here and get to work. That the trouble maker with you.”

    “But,” fussed Podling, “I just got here and am hungry!”

    “Take it into the next room, then. We don’t need your distraction.” She slapped her hand on the table as Podling stepped behind Eliar, “AND KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF! Stop screwing with him or I might let him skin out your scrawny hide!”

    “Yeah, yeah. He doesn’t have much that looks interesting anyway.” The little girl had an attitude that wouldn’t quit.

    The old man smacked her upside the back of the head and they went through the curtain.

    “I apologize for them. They forget that not everyone knows who they are and is willing to tolerate them like most around here do.”
    She laid out a couple scraps of paper from a hidden drawer in the table, “What I need is your lack of knowledge of this city, your new face, and for you to be you. Several people saw Podling steal from you, and then Graff do the same. When you leave here, I want you to start hitting the pawn shops and such, asking around about this list of items. These are the things that were stolen from you.”
    She tapped one of the sheets. “Divide up this list and only ask for four or five things in each place and mix the list up. I know these items are here in the city having come in recently from various locations.
    “I cannot go after them myself, nor can I send anyone local. My feud with the Dragoness is causing a great many problems at the moment. This is one of the side effects. Separately the items are not much and there are unimportant things on the list. I will give you a week to settle into the city, find these things, and get back to me. Report them stolen to the Port Authority out across the main hall and start your search.”
    She pulled a bag of coins from the drawer, “I need you to pay off anyone you talk to about this with these coins. Separate them and store them about your persons. I want you to have a few in various pouches, so you can keep one on your belt at all times, same as when you stepped off the boat. Don’t change your ways. I want to see where these coins end up. Simply try to not where you are when you notice a pouch missing and describe, if you can, who took it. This is going to be a pain, but is not a difficult task. Part of my plan involves tracking how money flows in the city. This is why I needed someone who is not used to the city. Most people make sure everything on their persons of value is hidden, their gear is tied down, and everything on them is secured to not be stolen. I actually want you to get robbed. Defend yourself when you notice, of course, this is your coin once the job is done. Do not risk your life over it. React naturally if you can. Don’t flash the money, but use it for all your expenses.”
    She looked at her list, “I need you to find a hotel on what is called Elf Bone Road. Preferably one that has a ‘B’ in the name of the place. That will make it one of mine and I will be able to see your progress or help out much easier.”
    “The other reason I need a stranger to the city is that you will not follow any patterns. You will be much harder to track, and therefor much safer to use in my plans.”
    “For helping me, I will offer three simple things. Money. An amount equal to twice what you are carrying. About a thousand gold. I will offer you my friendship and use of my organization to help you in your future here on the mainland. And finally I am offering one minor wish. I’m not a genie, obviously, but I have ways to make a reasonable request happen.”

    “I want you to be careful, as I do not want you dead. I want you to see the city. Start learning it and have fun on my dime. I do not know why you came here, and do not care. I need you, but you are free to pursue your own agenda as long as you complete my tasks. If you have need for me you can leave a message in your boots when you leave them in the hall to be polished, or tuck it into a message tube and tuck the tube inside your pants under your shirt, over your kidney, on the right. Podling or one of my other children will lift it and bring it to me. I will leave you messages in the same way.”
    She took her feet from the table and stood in one fluid motion. “I want to wish you luck. This should not take more than a week. If you are careful, it should be a very easy task. If you rouse the Dragoness I may not be able to help you. She has managed to find a way to block my personal actions against her. You will have to also be careful of all the standard threats of a city of this size. If you can think of it, Bear has it waiting to kill you.”
    “Are you interested? If not, there will be no hard feelings and I will leave you be to live or die as you choose. I will even encourage Podling to leave you be. I am not going to force you to work with me, but I think you are the best candidate I’ve had in weeks. What do you say?

    She stands on her side of the table with the list and bag of gold.
    Eliar Meine
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    Post  Eliar Meine on Mon Dec 23, 2013 8:59 pm

    Eliar listened to her proposal with half an ear but had his eyes trained on her while she spoke. Inside his head there was a battle of minds fighting to decide.

    The bitch wants you to be an errand boy? Fuck sakes we are a scary pair that kill whatever is put in front of us

    “We aren’t arguing that point. We’re arguing if we should help”

    So long as we can kill along the way I’m down for it. I especially want to snap that kids neck when no one is around. It would be so quick, such a pleasant sound as the neck vertebrae turn more than designed, severing neurological connections, tearing...

    “Enough El’ika! I know how much you enjoy killing but she is off the list of targets”

    For the time being. When she comes to stab us in the back I’ll do what you can’t

    “You’re always going to bring her up aren’t you. Every time we debate”

    The memory played over in his head. He had snuck into a village chief’s home to kill him. It was the contract but he chose the wrong window. Instead he fell into his daughter’s room and woke her. She couldn’t alert the guards of him and her eyes were so wide when she became aware of him. She was only 6 and it snowed that day. Eliar remembered it well. He also remembered the blood.

    His eyes brimmed with tears at the memory but restrained from breaking down. He looked to the coins and the list on the table. His mind was made up.

    “We’ll...I will help with this problem” he said with a slightly choked voice. He cleared it with a grunt and picked up the list. It had the most unusual items on it and none that were the same. “I’ll do as you ask provided that if I locate certain things you’ll tell me why you need them all”

    He picked up the coins and poured a few onto his palm. They didn’t look any different than regular currency but he had to trust this woman to know what she was doing. He secured a few coins to purses on his belt and the rest to the underside of his stomach plate in a small reserve pouch that seemed to form well to his figure. He offered a casual salute from his brow and walked out.

    His first instruction was to claim lost items. Apparently it happened frequently at this port and area and the officers just nodded and jotted down the things he asked for. He received a copy of the list and was told they’d look into it. Had Eliar truly been asking for his items he would have shaded a few colours and busted up the place in a rage but he looked tempered as he accepted his fate.

    He grabbed a bread roll and chewed on it as he walked out of the Port Authority. He kicked a loose can in a visible sign of agitation and proceeded deeper into the city. There were several stops he had to make and he made the decision to visit two per day so as to not attract attention. His first stop was to a place that stank of tar leaves and dried leather. He appealed to the lady at the counter but she shook her head. Nothing of the list had come through and she was rather grumpy by being questioned. Eliar decided to buy a dagger to please her and paid twice as much as it was worth. As he parted she suggested the next place on his list was likely to have some of things he was hunting for.

    As he moved through the shaded streets he could feel there were people following him. He stopped by a seller and bought a skewer of chicken seasoned with a spice that cleared his sinuses. He was bumped from behind and being more attuned to pick pockets felt coins leave his purse.

    Stupid fucker! Kill the kid who took your gold to make an example! You’re a bloody easy mark and you’ll wind up with a blade in us in no time

    “That’s the plan El’ika, be an easy target, get coins stolen but blades are off. Did you not pay attention to the mission?”

    I paid attention to her face and how a femoral arterial bleed would change her expression

    Eliar finished the skewer and thanked the attendant. He moved on but from his peripheral glance he noticed a pair of tattooed sailors keeping a distant eye on him. They weren’t good at looking inconspicuous and adrenaline crept into his body.

    Easy targets, but how best to kill them. I look forward to playing

    “We don’t know if they are just keeping an eye on us or are a potential threat. Don’t get excited”

    He entered the next shop and was rewarded with two of the many things on his list being just turned in. He paid with an appreciative smile and slid them into his left armed gauntlet snugly. When he walked out he felt the sailors getting closer.

    They’re starting to piss me off. This alley. Now

    Eliar didn’t have a choice, he wanted them to stop following him too. It was empty save for a homeless man sleeping beneath an empty sack. He walked to the dead end and turned, letting his face show panic. The two sailors were shoulder to shoulder blocking the exit and cracked their knuckles with an air of timed practice..

    “You got some things of ours” one said with a sneer as they approached Eliar.

    “I assure you” Eliar started with a tremble to his voice, “I don’t have anything two sailors would want”

    “Not for us, but for our employer”

    They were standing over him now. Imposing their shadows and trying to intimidate him. They didn’t pause to let him speak. A heavy fist slammed into his face as a leg kicked him into the wall. Stars exploded in Eliar’s head as they jumped him and landed fist and boot upon him. They paused after a few minutes and took a step back to catch their breath.

    Eliar worked up a glob of spit and spat out more blood than saliva and struggled to all fours. He coughed as he pushed the pain from his body to the back of his mind. One sailor came in again with his fist cocked back behind and drove it down towards the fallen Eliar.

    It was a flash of energy and Eliar’s arm came up and his armoured gauntlet deflected the fist. Sickening sound of bone breaking echoed in the alley as the silver came back to his eyes. A sinister grin took over as his eyes narrowed while the sailor backed away in agony as they other rushed in. Eliar’s gauntlets had been mechanical marvels by his uncle who had designed his armour.

    From the market some people took notice to a flash of light in the hall but figured it was the fading sun’s rays playing a trick and ignored it. It was a different matter in the alley.

    The remaining sailor backed against the wall, his jaw had dropped as he shook violently. His former comrade was a pile of ash in front of Eliar who looked nothing like the man shrouded in a cloak to hide his armour. A helmet had formed around his head and left only the faint glow of his eyes to be shown. With speed that caught the sailor off guard Eliar had pinned him to the wall and lifted the man with enough strength to dangle his legs off the ground. The sailor fought, kicked and struggled but he couldn’t break the grip.

    “What do you say Fucker, who will you cry for? Your friends? Brothers or sisters? Your parents maybe or perhaps a lover at sea?” Eliar asked as his grip tightening around the sailor’s neck. His gasps for air delighted Eliar as he placed his other fist just far enough away from the man’s chest that a blade extended from his fist gauntlet. It shimmered a deep midnight blue as he moved his fist closer. The fabric around the sailor’s chest blackened and the skin started to split. He was about to scream in pain but Eliar squeezed his hand over his mouth.

    Don’t make him suffer El’ika

    “Oh let me have fun with him. It’s always a pleasure to watch their eyes as the life gets taken from them”

    I told you to stop it! Let him live!

    “Oh you know just what to say to make me Eliar, I guess there is no choice”

    Eliar pulled his arm back ever so slightly. The skin had blistered and red blood was running down the sailor’s chest.

    “Yeah right!”

    The blade cut deep into the man’s chest and his body glowed as it deteriorated into ash. The blade retracted into its port and Eliar pulled away from the wall. The armour retracted back beneath the cloak as the wind swept the ash away. He pushed through the back door of a shop and ignored as the owner yelled he couldn’t do that. Eliar ignored him as he moved out into the street and merged with the masses.

    He found a tavern and sat at the bar. The tender working looked him over and poured him an ale.

    “You look like hell mate” he said as the frothy mug was placed in front of him.

    Eliar paid with a coin and nodded. “Been a hell of a day” he said, “Get lifted at the Port, get lifted in the street, beat up in an alley”

    “Welcome to the Bear” he said as he moved off to handle other customers.

    So fucking charming the dipshit. He’ll end up dead soon enough

    “You don’t have much to say that’s positive”

    I’m your killer edge! Everything is negative to you

    Eliar gripped the mug of ale with a steady hand and drank in one long pull. He set the empty mug down and as the bartender came back to refill it an attractive woman sat down next to him. She was covered in dazzling fur with sharpened claws hidden beneath gloves. Slit eyes looked him over with a smile.

    “You look like you could use another drink friend”

    “I don’t have any friends here” he said glumly. “Just a butt kicking and pockets stolen from and I’ll assume you want something from me too”

    “Well if you’re going to be an ass” she said as she picked up her own drink and walked away.

    You could have been fucking that fine piece of ass in less than fifteen minutes and you pass that up!

    “I’m dealing with the fact you kill for pleasure and drinking helps. Being distracted by women doesn’t stop you from killing”

    Could placate me


    He was left alone at the bar until after his sixth drink and then asked for a room. He wandered up to the room and shut the door behind him.

    “Keep an eye out”

    Yeah sure though the body count in the morning won’t be my fault

    “Har har”

    Eliar collapsed on the bed and slept.
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    {OOC: I was waiting for Kie to post, but he said to go on ahead while he deals with some issues at home. So, here we go.}

    Not long after Eliar leaves Arielas knocks on the wall and Podling returns with Graff.
    "So what do you think? Is he going to work?"

    Graff looks over to Podling after they settle back into their places around the table.

    She frowns and shakes her head, "He's not from here. I think he's a Portalier and doesn't know it. I tracked that ship he arrived on. They are so lost, the Captain eagerly folded in. I'll have a better account on what the Captain had to say in the morning. We'll be sending him back out with his pilot and crew with three of our ships to backtrack as soon as we can get them resupplied for the trip. Morning at the earliest. But you know how it is. Things end up here from anywhere."

    Arielas nodded, "Does he know or suspect?"

    "No. And as long as he stays in the city, I doubt it will matter. If he leaves looking for something specific, there is no telling."

    Graff agreed, "He's fragmented. I think it may be something he came with. That's what he seems to believe, but you know how it is. Insanity feeds on itself and if your own mind said things are how they have always been, who are you going to believe, especially when there is no one to contradict you?
    "He is going to be interesting to work with, but I really don't think he will work for what you had in mind. I say keep him on it, though, but look for someone new on the wharf over the next few days."

    "Well, Damnit! This isn't the first foreigner we've tried, and I'm about to have to think up something new to deal with that Lizard Scragg!"

    "Yes, we know," Podling soothed, "But I saw what Graff did, and what you can't. You trust us for these things, so trust us now. He is much more likely to destroy your plans than help them. Be it insanity, like Graff thinks, or something he carries, as I believe, HE does not walk alone, and that will complicate your plans if you rely on him."

    "Ok. Fine. Set the Twins up at the dock with Sardine and The Cat. Pods, I want you to stay away from this new guy. Keep an eye on him if he crosses your rounds, but don't let him see you. I get the feeling he might honestly mean you harm. He doesn't understand your kind, and his body language is conflicting around you. I don't want him killed. Not by you, not by the Dragoness, and not by our people."
    She made sure both her partners were listening, "If he gets in trouble on his own, however, let him deal with it. We need to see what he can do when pressed.
    "Graff, use your people to keep an eye on him, too, but don't push. I do need him to work the list. I need to see how the coin is flowing these days, and who knows, maybe he'll find the damned artifact. I know that damnable thing is here in this town, and it's past time we put it back together. Maybe we can send it off with this guy back where-the-hell-ever he came from and let someone else deal with it for a couple thousand years!"

    Podling snorted, "That's what we did last time and now we're back here trying to deal with it again. The damned thing just keeps coming back!"

    "I know, but I just can't bring myself to use it. The Dragoness isn't who it was made for, and I'm not going to unleash it on this world. I also can't bear the thought of it being here when it may be needed in Elsewhere."

    Graff grumbled, "You think we don't know that? It's not like we haven't had this discussion before." He finished his drink, "Maybe it's not all here yet. Close, but not quite is your brother's motto."

    "And look where he's been for the last five eons. No thank you." Arialas sat back and sighed. "Let's just slow down, and work the system. Keep an eye on this new guy and hope he doesn't end up like the last few. Start looking for someone more... Stable?" She got nods from the other two, "to use for the other. But keep in contact with me.
    "Also, keep in mind that the River draining is going to be in a week. We need our people in every work crew and in place at the collection points. I'm not saying we can't let some go, but there are things that need to be found there, too. Make sure everyone involved knows what to do. Jak wants us at his place when the waters flow, of course, but we need to be prepped for the Carnavalle.
    "I have a feeling that things are coming together around us here, but I simply cannot grasp it. It's like looking into a fish pond and trying to catch minnows with a spoon. I'm afraid there may be a Grindar in that pond waiting for us to actually catch one this time. Keep on your toes and lets not have an Incident."

    The other two nodded and left, Graff faded away and Podling burst into multi-colored sparkles. Arielas sat there a bit longer then went to check on Eliar. She didn't have the talents of her partners. Since the split, they were severely limited in what they could do. She still had her talents, however, and watched Eliar until he went to his room. She made her rounds, and saw that Graff, Podling, and her various lower level henchmen were preparing for the River Draining and Carnavalle.
    She continued to have the feeling that things were gathering. Much like the inner ear pressure you have before a major storm.

    Before the morning's light brightened the horizon, she had struck at the Dragoness in many new ways, but had suffered several losses of her own. She was going to need to do something different. Three steps forward and two steps back was not the way she wanted to progress against this new enemy.
    She had an idea forming, but needed another day or two to see how it worked out. For now, she would continue what she already had going and watch the player, especially Eliar. The storm sense had been growing since she had seen him step off that ship and directed Podling to him.

    {OOC: I'm not sure where anyone reading this, or Eliar is located, but the city we are in is based on San Antonio Texas, if the Seas had risen 150 feet and made San Antonio a port city. There is a major trade river that runs through it, but the city is massive. Way beyond anything in a typical RP Fantasy world. The city has more than a million people (San Antonio is 7th in the country and 2nd in Texas and takes up more than 450 sq miles) and takes nearly a week to cross by horseback due to traffic and size. It is mostly peaceful and clean, but has its good and bad areas. Your search will take you through whatever parts you choose. Feel free to use anything you can learn about San Antonio (except the Alamo) and the River Walk to your advantage. (The missions are all there, but the Alamo is site that can be visited, but not altered.) The city is beautiful, wealthy, diverse (in fantasy races, and human traits) it is a major trade area with a port, markets, and business aspects from thieves and peasants (La Villita) to Kings and nobles from various lands (Downtown). We are not going to get into politics and all that of the imaginary city, but nothing we do should really be world affecting. We can still make news of the season here without aggravating Kie, to badly though. If we have a major incident at Carnavalle, for instance, with an ancient artifact and a pissy dragoness, I think that makes for fun story telling. And if there are a few more piles of ash for the city spells, and street cleaners, so be it! Maybe he will take the time to visit his forum and write one in awhile!!!
    I hope this helps your adventure.}
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    Eliar awoke in a cold sweat as he normally did. He felt like he was suffocating but remembered he had placed a cloth wrap around his mouth. He screamed in his dreams, and in new towns where the wood panels weren't as thick as he was used too he had memorized to do so even in a drunken stupor.

    He pulled the cloth away and stood up. While it had been a private room he still felt unsure of himself as he walked towards the basin and dunked his head into the cold water. He blew out bubbles to clear his mind and pulled out, letting the water bead down his face and through the 5 o' clock shadow he had grown since the night before.

    After a shave and a change of clothes from his pack he rearranged his armour plating and pulled the two items from his bag and stuck them underneath one of his vambraces. He walked down into the tavern’s keep for breakfast and had a meal of meal, ale and root vegetables before paying for his room and bill and departed.

    He listened to the conversations on the street and few were worth recalling. Something about a murderer on the loose again, that the city guards weren’t doing their jobs right was what he was looking for but everyone was busy with their own lives and woes. Not enough food, money and alcohol to let them stew in the city limits. He sighed as he bought an apple from a stand and chewed thoughtfully while he sat in the market.

    Another hand brushed his pack and this time he was ready. Hardened armour plating of his fingers gripped hard the small wrist of a boy wearing rags.

    “Let me go! I dun lookin’ fer a fight you meanie” he cried out in rambles but with one look the passerby’s did little to aid the boy.

    Eliar looked the child over. No more than 5, about the same age as his own son were he still living. He let go gently and looked to the apple with the bite mark in it and handed it over with some copper coins. The kid looked at the generosity and frowned. He threw it back at Eliar and the coins clinked off his armour and the apple rolled onto the ground.

    “Ain’t no freebie tak’r mister” he spat with anger in his eyes before running off.

    Eliar stood slowly and picked up the apple with care before rubbing it down with a small cloth from a pouch on his hip. He picked the coins up with just as much skill as a peddler and placed them back in his bag. He looked once more at the child as he rounded the corner and disappeared. Eliar had other business to attend to and a child who didn’t want help wasn’t worth looking after.


    Eliar walked into a small pawn shop and let his eyes adjust to the darker environment. There were strange contraptions, vials of organs, shrunken heads and the smell wrinkled his nose out of habit for decayed matter. The shop keep looked like he lived far away. He was an old woman of a man, nothing out of place not even an eyeball with a clean suit and a smile that rubbed Eliar the wrong way.

    “Welcome welcome to Kriskie’s Shop! Where all the oddities have gathered and the ones who seek out rarities find what they are looking for” he said with that noxious grin.

    “I’m looking for a few things as I travel” Eliar lied as he pulled a scrap of paper from beneath his breast pocket with a scribbled down note of two items he was seeking. He offered it to the shop keep.

    He gave them a hard look and something shifted in his eyes.

    “I have one of these items, but it’ll cost you a pretty penny. So rare indeed”

    The sack of shit is lying. He’s got both I bet” El’ika said in his mind.

    “Just arrived a few days ago” the shop keep had changed personalities almost. He stuttered and became clumsy. “Do you have the coin on you to pay? I’m not showing it till I see the gold”

    Eliar pulled a pouch from beneath his breast plate and let the sound of coins dance through the air. He threw the pouch into the air and caught it before his eyes met the shop keeps. That delicate pause in the transaction confirmed the man was holding out. He was fast, but Eliar was faster and was over the counter pinning the keep to the wall with a strong arm and lifted him just off his toes.

    “I don’t enjoy being lied to. I also don’t respect when someone tries to con a price off an item” Eliar snarled. The voice in his said started chanting. ‘Kill him. Kill him. Kill him’ but he pushed that aside. He tightened his hold until the man gave up.

    “Please! You ack! Don’t understand! She’ll kill me if I give you both!”

    “Threat is now little shop keep” Eliar said as his fist drilled into the man’s stomach and doubled him over. Eliar moved to the front door and locked the bolt and placed the closed sign on the window. He returned to the man still wheezing for breath and Eliar pulled him to his feet and dusted him off.

    “Both trinkets, half the price and I’ll look into making sure you don’t end up at the bottom of the harbour” Eliar lied again. He was pretty convincing and the shop keep looked like he didn’t want to die just then and there. “I’m staying at the tavern up the way should you feel threatened. Come find me and I’ll deal with your little problem”

    Eliar didn’t know if there was a tavern up the road and even if there was, he probably wasn’t going to stay in one tonight. He was lucky the first evening not being attacked or robbed in the middle of the night but the town felt increasingly claustrophobic on his state of mind and he needed to be out in the open air.

    Eliar left through the back with the two other pieces of treasure and secured them in the pouch beneath his chest plate. That accounted for a few items but this Dragoness was probably going to kill the shop keep anyway. He felt bad about having to do what was needed but it seemed that the Dragoness needed to be killed as well if her hold on the city had that much influence. She was probably the one who sent the sailors after him. Eliar shook his head to clear away the conspiracy theories in his mind.

    We should just go find the bitch and end it for her. Creep in the night, slash her throat and take her heart as a trophy” teased El’ika. “Then we raid her homes and slaughter all who are employed by her. Oh it will be delicious

    Eliar grimaced as a tickle caused him to sneeze. “No El’ika. We aren’t going to go senselessly kill people we don’t know”

    Spoil sport. We were so good last night, I’m excited for how tonight will pass

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