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    World Intro:

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    World Intro: Empty World Intro:

    Post  Kieyotie McDermott on Mon Dec 05, 2016 5:53 pm

    World Intro:

    So you can have a better idea of the feel for my world: Backspace- Think Steampunk, but not overdone, with a heavy dose of post-civil war western frontier.

    All gens (AD&D through 4thed mixed as they all have good and bad points.
    Just upload a copy of the char sheet (stats, equipment, abilities) to my email-

    High magic: Magic shops are as common as antique and thrift stores with a lot of the same types of stuff in them. Usually run by strange old ladies, overweight old men, or kids who are just filling in and don’t know anything.
    Medium tech: American ‘Old West’ firearms created using various magical spells and black powder. Wagons, Gnomish Trains and Airships exist. All of which are extremely expensive and only available to higher level characters or groups. (Trains are usable, but are not privately owned by Characters.)
    Low War: No international continental wars, but there are local skirmishes. Games will be mostly dungeon crawls, wilderness, and intrigue city run.
    Clothing styles are old west mixed with some steam punk (Victorian more than all geared up.) There are not grand wizards strutting around in purple robe with gold stars and pointy hats. Rogues do not wear all black and have sleazy moustaches with goatees. And the fighter might be the little guy in light armor while the spell caster is the muscle bound brute in armor with the big sword.

    For a map, take North American and raise the sea levels 150 feet. (I will include maps of the ‘World’ and specific areas as soon as I figure out how to get them to post. Otherwise I can email them to you as needed.)

    There are deserts, many great forests, multiple mountain ranges, seas and oceans, and a great many cities. The people come in all races and classes and just about every form of government can be found.

    Main areas will be described later as they do not affect this game session. If you need details for character back ground, let me know what you want to play and I’ll help you out.

    Simply- Canada, Central US, and Pacific Coast and Pacific Northwest are Elven. (Many different types of Elves however from the stereotypical Arrogant aristocrats in the Pac NW to human friendly ‘Indian/ Native American’ wood elves in New England to Triceratops Wrangling Cowboys through Texas and the great plains.)

    Appalachian Mts, and Rockies from Mexico to Alaska are mainly Dwarven. (They are pretty stereotypical Dwarves living in clans with great underground cities.)

    Humans mingle just about everywhere.

    Dragonkind, lizard folk, and the Orcish races hang out around Phoenix and the American Southwest in the desert lands. (Nomadic and tribal)

    Gnomes live everywhere and run the trains. Trains go to all major cities and transport goods, supplies, and people. They do not transport troops, are independent of all kingdoms, and are strictly run by only gnomes. Gnomish cities are built underground at the ends of and along the tracks where the engines are stored for maintenance out of sight of prying eyes. They kill trespassers without question.

    Halflings- Live anywhere, usually at the edge of where everyone else does in farming communities.

    Quidnunc- Much like Kender on crack. These fey creatures come from Quid (What Greenland became after the Thaw that released these little buggers upon the world.) They are precocious at best, psychotic on a good day, and just plain odd most of the time. Imagine a small beautiful elf with the questions of a 5 year old, impulse control of a 2 year old, the mean streak of a teenager, and the attention span of someone with ADD on speed, crack, meth, AND shrooms. They are very friendly and love to tag along with just about anyone. You want to kill them (kinda like Pomeranians and other small dogs and children), but they are so cute that you tolerate and protect them. They have god’s protection for children and the insane however and are quite adept at protecting themselves. Their worst habit is storing their ‘belongings’ in other people’s pockets, gear, and stores. They are not really liars; they just see things differently and are terrible Kleptomaniacs.

    Minotaurs live on the Great Lakes up around Minnesota. They are a Viking-like race with all the good and bad habits of those sea-going raiders. They have a strict honor system, but raid the coasts of the lakes as they see fit. The humans up in that area are also very Viking-like and raid right back.

    The lands of Mexico down to Central America are The Nightmare Lands. This is where all the various Undead reside in a Ravenloft setting. All the terrain features for Ravenloft hold here (strange fogs, over cast skies, villagers that don’t realize their masters are vampires and liches, etc.) The fogs of the Nightmare lands often blow north creating interesting encounters for those living along the border. Border Patrols of Clerical undead slayers patrol and fortify the border and the people of this area are very religious. Many adventurers go down to fight the good fight, some returning badly damaged, others staying to live forever as part of the problem.

    All other races have small villages and their own districts in larger cities and can be found throughout the game world. There are many prejudices and people who make their comments about anything different or odd.

    Actual Dragons roam everywhere but are much more intelligent and magical than standard. They often shape shift into their favorite race and roam with the populace. They are almost like the Greek gods, sometimes ruling a kingdom for a while, sometimes becoming a great mage, often interbreeding and having pesky heroic or evil children. Many like taking roles as advisors or corrupting tainted cleric to do bigger evils. They still have hoards and lairs, but the massive mansion in town with the guards and ornate walls might be a dragon who likes being around people. Some still stick to the old ways, living in caves and raiding villages for cattle and virgins, but most are active in the world around them.

    The Gods also take an active role in things. There are a great many of them as they are an actual Race of extra-terrestrial origin. They are immortal and powerful and the enemies of demons and evil (mostly, there are evil gods, of course.) They like to pick champions and wage war on each other’s ‘territory’ for shits and giggles destroying entire cultures over petty arguments between them.
    Some humanoids even believe that there might be a greater power that actually controls what the gods can and cannot do. A true creator that lives in its own universe with its own problems that really does not care about the worlds it creates, but sometimes, with its friends, takes special people and puts them through great adventures for the greatest of rewards. Wink

    The Underdark exists here, laying deep beneath the world with many access points to the surface.

    Hell also exists as another plane linked to this world.

    Backspace is where all things lost wind up. It is a special place of time warps, fairy rings, dimensional gates, and just plain weirdness. You can step in a puddle and end up a thousand miles away. The same for stepping between two strange trees or under the arch entering an old ruin. People are always ending up here from other worlds where things are both familiar and very strange.
    This world never runs out of socks or keys or the strangest little items. Desk drawers are always turning up with strange letters in foreign languages. Couches are always finding change under their cushions. When you lose something, it ends up somewhere here, waiting to be found. Many ‘treasures’ found are these strange items from other places that have picked up magical powers in their journey. A simple key might now open any door. A pen might never run out of ink. Marbles might explode when thrown. Coins gain luck or curses. Children’s toys are the worst as they often pick up the natures of their owners granting blessing, love and protection to their new owners, or filling them with hate and malice for those around them.

    The point is, I have taken what I like from every game I’ve liked to play and melded the rules here in a more entertaining format. Granted everything is copyrighted to the max by the Bunghole of the Shore, but until I get all of this licensed, it’s what we’ve got to work with.

    You are the reason I cuss so much!

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