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    Post  Kieyotie McDermott on Mon Dec 05, 2016 5:54 pm

    King Dalton Pembroke
    50 mile square area between Cave City, Black Rock, Ash Flat and Oxford. Salem is northern border town, Batesvilles is southern border. Most ships stop at Jonesboro on the island because it is safer. The city lights can be seen on clear nights. The river between Batesville and oxford marks the border. The mountainous lands on the other side of river down to the river flowing past Cabot Island, Conway and to Fort Smith are unclaimed with a few villages in the protected valleys (Concord, Chirron, Big Flat, Gilbert, etc. Jacksonport barely exists and Mountain Home is a trading post.
    He is older with several sons having recently inherited the kingdom from his older, yet very active father.
    The only thing their kingdom really has to bring people in is plenty of old ruins scattered about and creatures in the mountains to hunt. They have quiet living for the most part with plenty of forestry, farming, and mining. The adventurers that come through spend their coin in local shops to prepare (and the kingdom works hard to make sure good gear and unique items are available. They sell of many interesting things on their way back out (healing is also readily available along with hot baths and decent rooms.) The kingdom isn’t overly wealthy, but they have a decent trade on antiques and rarities.
    Dalton’s great grandfather had wanted to work on rebuilding some of the old places, fortifying some into keeps and better protect their lands from the few roving bandits, wandering monsters, and rowdy adventurers. He invested much of the kingdom’s wealth into various projects. Some were completed (Oxford, Ash Flat, Cave City, but many more were failures due to what lurked in the ruins. He told Dalton’s Father many grand tales of adventure in those ruins and the late king spent most of his time in those ruins trying to reclaim them and their treasures (Salem esp.) Dalton’s Grandfather still putters around. He is half senile and had lived quietly, simply running things as they had been and turning it over to Dalton’s father as soon as the young man was ready.
    The castle and official offices are all in Black Rock, a massive fortified city that overlooks the sea and guards the trade river into their kingdom. It has decent port facilities and while not a huge city, you can find many more things here as they cater to adventurers’ needs more than most places.
    King Clyde (Dalton’s father) often ‘hired’ adventuring parties to accompany him into the ruins, giving them a fair share of what was found. He took his elite guard and these strangers and always managed to come back with something to put in the treasury. He did things this way at a bit of a loss to the kingdom, but he said it saved his people from the horrors around them and allowed his boys to work their farms and protect their own homes. He often allowed those same boys to join him. Those that were good got promoted into his standing army, and those that were great became either home guard of his elite escorts.
    The Kingdom rarely has any issues from their neighbors, as they really don’t have any. There are a few other kingdoms in each direction several days ride away, but with so much unclaimed territory between them border issues are non-existent. The army deals with creatures out of the wild or brave bandits that form up, and act mainly as a policing, bounty hunting, and patrolling force. There are a few independent villages scattered between the kingdoms, but they are of no issue, either handling things themselves or paying their neighbors to deal with an issue if it pops up. They do not generate enough taxes to warrant taking them into the kingdom proper.

    King Dalton has always been an administrator, taking care of the day to day with the late king’s advisors while the king was away in some ruin. He does the same now. He is fair and steady and is looking to continue his great grandfather’s works trying to rebuild the outlying forts to use as trading posts for the kingdom. Giving adventurers a place to fall back to and when they cannot go back, he can send in some of his father’s former men to pick up where the amateurs left off, bringing the spoils back to the kingdom’s coffers.

    Ash Flat- Sight of some ancient destruction. This plateau was Dalton’s Great Grandfather’s accomplishment. An ancient city had been burned to the ground. Some say by dragons or fell magics. The ruins were charred foundations and beams covered in many feet of ash. Beneath the ash were pits, basements, tunnels, and caves, catacombs and almost an entire other city full of less than friendly inhabitants. The ash was unfit to use for growing anything until the king at the time hired many druidic and other magi to come and cleanse the place with the help of many foreign adventurers. Then the ash was transported to various crops about the kingdom where plants grew healthier and produced more for an entire generation. He allowed anyone that wanted to stay after to claim land and build their homes and businesses. The city is as much underground as above with many Drow and other such beings who want to live in peace taking up residence here. The city has many beautiful parks and wooded areas now and is all new stone construction that is as much magically formed as not by the magi that stayed behind. It is the heart of the artistic communities for the kingdom.

    Batesville- The trading hub of the Kingdom. Most of the goods going up river to Cave City, Oxford and Mountain Home come through here. Black Rock is also a large portage, but most of the trade coming up from the south stops here.
    It is a sailor’s town with the accompanying problems. There are large fortification on both the river and the sea and a walled cove for the boats that belong to the kingdom and the local trade houses.
    The businesses here cater to sailors and adventurers getting off the ships. This city has the most petty crime, brothels, bars, weapon shops, armor smiths, and the like. Not everyone is evil or corrupt, but business is business here. Back alley deals, sewer wererats, pirate fences, and the like make their home here. The wealthy have private guards to back up the city guard and even during the day guards patrol in packs of threes. This city has the best criminal justice system and paddy wagons. It is the place to find of sell goods normally considered illegal or illicit. You can also get better prices for you found items (up to 75%) and discounts on things needed (75% if common supplies).
    Even with the crimes and seedy atmosphere, there are no cults or demon worshipers, and very few necromancers and the like. The city allows certain things, but does not want anything that would cause to King to come in and clean up to take root here. All truly evil groups are terminated by the city’s private guard mostly made up of the Kings Elite Escorts. While many try to infiltrate this group to corrupt it, they seem to be protected by higher powers.

    Black Rock- The castle sits on a ridge overlooking both the city that has grown up around it, the sea and its port, and the river with its port. All offices of the King throughout the kingdom are in building made of the same black stone of the castle. It is mined out of a great quarry and transported whenever a new government building is needed. The city is mostly Greek architecture which gives it a creepy dark look with all the black stone, but at night everything is well lit with colored lamps. The people tend to also wear brightly colored clothing and have a pretty good attitude for the most part. The city seems to be filled with stories and laughter and people go about their business. The equipment available here is at book price and sells for 50%. The better items found in the ruins can be found here for those willing to look.
    The city is the governmental hub and the thieves’ guild here is more espionage, political, and blackmail based rather than muggers, cutpurses, and cat burglars. There is no official church of the land but there are several great monstrosities to religion here. The market places are quite amazing and the inns and taverns are worth visiting.
    The king is a very busy man and is not someone you can just walk in and see. He has several advisors and assistants that intercept anyone trying to see him. He only deals with affairs of state and only after they have been seen into by his councils. Even foreign traders and governmental types are told to start with their ambassadors housed in the city proper.

    Cave City- another port town that is a couple days ride from the higher hills that are riddled with old mines that seem to always be infested with creatures moving out of the mountains to stage raids on civilization. The people here are hardy and many are former adventurers. Many of the caves have been collapsed, but some lead into the Underdark and new are always forming. The city is fortified and there are a few outlying keeps that are in various stages of repair. Most religious orders have small shrines tucked away here and there and there are a few large churches and one actual hospital. The city has many parks tended by druids, and is actually a pretty nice place to live with the people who live here happily reinvesting their tithe into their city. Those that complain about taxes or the way of life here are assisted in their move to places they’d rather be. While there are scammers and schemers, most of the businesses are of good quality with very decent tradesman guild operating. There are thieves and rogues, but they are kept under control by their own guild, never taking too much and mostly training to go out and investigate the ruins and caves to bring treasures back to be fenced.

    Oxford- much like Cave City and Black Rock, this fortified city keeps to itself and works the adventurer trade. At the head of the river, this city has many sparkling pools and falls. It is the home of the Mage’s school and several other schools, academies, and scholarly universities. Adventurers can come here to gain knowledge and research the area and even places outside the area as the scholars often go out into the world, bringing their finds back. Just about any magical item can be found or crafted here. The prices are not always the best, but like anywhere else, you can find deals. Things found can be identified and sold (usually for 10% of book price) or bought for 10% over book price. This town has many libraries and research facilities and has some pretty interesting firefighting capabilities. Like the other cities, its taxes and tithes go back into the city to improve the lives of the people that live there.

    Salem- is the newest reclaimed area and has much new construction going on. People are still digging into old buildings, lairs, and such and finding horrors and creatures better left in the dark. This city has the most active guards and is where Dalton placed his father’s Elite Escorts. The city is quite large, but only partially inhabited. Anyone looking to reclaim a home is welcome, but they have to clean it up and out. If the Guard has to be called in, then the Kingdom gets 85% of all items of value found. Many people of all walks of life are moving here and it has a rowdy nightlife, but is quite nice during the day.

    {If you want a map of this area to get a general idea:
    Go to the Arkansas Map. You'll find these cities in the North Central part of the state. Blue is water.}

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