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    Lost With NOAA

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    Lost With NOAA Empty Lost With NOAA

    Post  Kieyotie McDermott on Wed Apr 19, 2017 7:07 am

    CervoTech Data Pulse BSR 56-329

    You will not understand these notes at first, My companions.
    I must not call you friends.
    You may not survive if you think yourself my friend.

    There are 30 Pieces of Silver. Pirate’s Treasure ay it’s basic truth. Is Judas Cain? Is Abel Death?


    Hands of Blue


    If you believe the Lie of the Virgins Tears
    You may be able to reconstruct the Pillar
    And step through
    The Looking Glass
    Into the Shadows of another Verse


    Ask the Widow about the Davion Lab in Brand Alley


    Didn’t you know…
    Dekker is a Neo-Calvinist.
    Knows the Bible like the inside of…
    Shhh… I heard something.


    The Pathway
    1 5 4 4 1 8


    Natasha Keresky- Capt.
    Independent Company of Wolhs Drogoons
    Ian McKinnon
    House Dsviom
    Cranston Snord
    Battle for Rochelle
    Gillian Sorenson-Hague,
    ComStar Archives, Terra
    Col. Jaime Wolf
    Lyram Commonwealth
    Adrian MacLeod
    Capt. Amdrea Sarti
    Manassas Deserters
    Col. Tommy Kinchuhara
    Rolling Thunder
    Pat and Morg Kell
    Mallorys World
    William Styles
    McCarrons Armored Cavalry
    Phelan Kell
    Wolf in Exile
    Jasmine Goshentara and Jasik Yoshiro
    Dieron Military District
    Col. Loren Jaffray
    Stirlings Fusiliers
    Kai Allard-Liao
    St. Ives Compact
    Mr. Bubbles
    Michael Garcia
    Sir Shining Light
    Brother Gregarious Skold
    Deathwatch Tactical Marine
    Bother Studious Lucien
    Deathwatch Apothecary
    Nulia Viskanta De Erylium
    Skinsaw of Sandpoint
    Abby Mormond
    Amazon of Eavesdown
    Adelei Niska
    CervoTech RnD



    You are the reason I cuss so much!
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