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    Description of Maggie's Whorehouse Bar and Grill

    Kieyotie McDermott
    Kieyotie McDermott

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    Description of Maggie's Whorehouse Bar and Grill Empty Description of Maggie's Whorehouse Bar and Grill

    Post  Kieyotie McDermott on Fri Mar 09, 2012 10:40 pm

    Maggie’s Whorehouse, Bar and Grill- This is a wonderful place created and owned by Euripides “Ed” Eagle and Jim “Cowboy” Brown.

    You can get a high class girl, dragon sausages (and just about any other creature cooked in fun and interesting ways), and get smashed on the most insane concoctions.

    This is a place for obscenely wealthy adventurers, merchants, and nobles to come and waste their hard stolen coin. It is an adult playground for those who can pay. It is also a meeting place that is more lavish and wanton than most of the private homes of even the wealthiest that come here.

    The entire place is a, very well protected, treasure trove of art and magic gathered from the wild adventurers who own the place. Items from the world over are tucked away here in themed rooms, and tasteful décor. The entire palatial Taverinn is not only service by scantily clad men and women, but by an unbelievable number of magically summoned servants that are ever present, but never seen.

    The floor is white marble with gold inlay, a large fountain and pool is in the middle of the main room, usually filled with half-naked attractions.
    A restaurant is through glass doors to the left, the private apartments through glass doors to the right and the bar runs entirely around the balconied room.
    There are gemstone chandeliers, several “back rooms” where games of chance come in many forms, a stable, carriage house, and valet services.

    That young man over there? He’s Grandfather Coyote, an Old God of these lands known for his trickery and mischief. He’s a regular.
    That woman in the sparkling green gown? Hydroxia Greenheart the Green Dragon that is the terror of Rimbaud Wood.
    Those two? Better not say. Their royal subjects might not want to find out where their summer taxes are being spent this weekend.
    And you should take the time to meet with his Holiness there heading across the balcony with Minx and Vixen. I’m sure you can hear his sermon on “The sins of the flesh” during the May Day celebration next week. That is why he is in town, of course.

    Relax and enjoy maybe this evening we can meet back and go over to Jak’s place. Heaven and Hell is well worth the visit while you’re in town.

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