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    Description of Heaven and Hell

    Kieyotie McDermott
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    Description of Heaven and Hell Empty Description of Heaven and Hell

    Post  Kieyotie McDermott on Fri Mar 09, 2012 11:27 pm

    Heaven and Hell –Jak’s place- Well worth losing your soul.

    This night club and bar is entered at ground level. Here there is a rather nice bar and restaurant, but the women, while beautiful, are clearly mortal.

    You can go up through several stories into the Haven of Heaven, where the women get more beautiful until at the top you are surrounded by winged folk, celestials, and other creatures with angelic appearances, possibly even Gods visiting the mortal realm. The food and drink gets lighter, more exotic and the bars on each level become more cloud-like, almost ethereal. Up here you can get a special Angel food cake that allows you to cross over into the realm of Heaven, a small section Jak has been allowed to inhabit for deeds accomplished for various Gods in his wanderings with Ed, Cowboy and the others of his adventuring group.

    If you go down into Club Hell you descend into The Pit and the women also get more beautiful, but also more demonic in appearance. Shape-shifters, rogue succubae, half dragons and the like dwell down here where S&M and other similar carnal delights await those willing to pay for their pain. The décor gets more hellish and the air warmer as the barrier thins. The food and drink also gets more exotic, but looks more evil. In the bottom of the pit you can get a special Devil’s food cake that has potions allowing you to shift over into corner of hell Jak mostly rules in absentia at the moment.

    In this club extra-planar beings can visit our realm under very strict restrictions. The entire building has built in layers of runes, wards, protective circles and the like to protect patrons, the city, and the beings from each other. Going through the levels takes some time as the building is also quite maze-like to those unfamiliar with the layout. Usually most patrons can only go to one part of the club in a single evening, which stimulates repeat business. Many who are less focused do not even make it to the upper or lower levels, finding pleasures early in the night.

    While Jak hires a great many beings to serve as bartenders and waitress, his club is not a whorehouse. This does not hinder those visiting the bar from making connections and renting private rooms from the bartenders.

    Jak has a very competent staff and many magical aides and servants to keep his customers happy. He likes to wander the entire club throughout the night and knows the quickest way from one place to another.

    If there is ever a safety issue, all illusions are banished and specially created gates appear to transport customers to a safe area where they can be worked through a series of checkpoints to check for injury before gating back out to the street in front of the club. The gates do not allow extra-planar beings to pass through them, even if possessing a mortal. The checkpoints are there to help the injured and help make sure a very creative Demon, Devil, or other being is not loosed upon the city.

    In the two decades Heaven and Hell has been in operation there has not been a single incident. The wards, spells, protections and such are tested often, randomly, and by bound beings under order to try their best to cause trouble in the club or escape.

    Jak spent much of his considerable fortunes in creation of his lair and it has more than repaid him for his efforts.

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